Email Instructions

Choose an option below for your operating system:

Here are the major items to set up your account.
You can use POP, or IMAP:

1) Your ENTIRE email address is your email's "User Name".
2) You should know your password. If you do not, please contact us: CLICK HERE
3) Incoming mail server (POP or IMAP) should be: - Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
4) Here are setting for Outgoing mail server (SMTP) - (If you are using Outlook, this will be under "More Settings - Outgoing Server"):

  • SMTP Server: - Security Type: SSL (accept all certificates).
  • Authentication required before sending emails should be checked.
  • Username is your full email address. Enter your password (again).

Please Note: If you are having issues with email hosted by SayItOnTheWeb, know that you can always check your email through WebMail by using your email address and email password to login. (This will be a "Webmail" link at the bottom of your website pages.)