internet marketing & social networking

Your website does no good unless it is drawing the right kind of attention. Yes, building your website is the first thing that should be done, however, once it is completed and live, the task then becomes attracting potential customers and clients to your website. This is where SayItonTheWeb can really impress you!

We utilize actual Google search data to develop your website text and Meta code so that you can ce assured that search engines will know where to place your website in their public search listings. We can also give you the control you need to update your website's Meta information yourself. 

There are programming tools available to you right now that you could be using to expand your brand or service. Website capabilities have greatly changed to elevate your exposure and connection with prospective customers. These tools enhance your bottom line and the relationship with your customers. We consult with all types of businesses to expand their reach on the internet. From website creation to SEO, YouTube vidoes to mobile websites and QR Codes. We can work with you and your webmaster to help your products or services become more prominent and noticed by incorporating the correct connectivity tools for your business.

We offer monthly to yearly updates to the programming of your website to ensure that any new or changing trends that affect your business are addressed.

SayItOnTheWeb can also manage your Pay Per Click campaigns with Google or Bing (and others). Bidding for placement is a way to boost your presence in search engines for your target customers, in your target area. We actually manage over $1,000,000,000 every month in Pay Per Click management.

Special social links are always incorporated into the websites we develop. This creates an easy way for you  and others to advertise your website within social media platforms such as Facebook, Google , Twitter and LinkedIN. Links to your social areas are also embedded within your website to ensure that visitors can interact with you in their favorite social media area. We can also program social integration directly into your website.

You get the whole package with SayItOnTheWeb... the care you and your business or organization deserves. 

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