SayItOnTheWeb's Premium Hosting

  • We Offer Premium Multi-Home Bandwidth
  • All Servers Are Brand New (Not Recycled)
  • 100% Fully Guarded Facility
  • 24/7 Technical Staff
  • Unlimited Email Addresses and Forwards
  • Remote E-mail Access via Browser
  • Full Core Server Statistics
  • Impeccably Secure Network
  • Full Virus & Spam Protection
  • Premium Multi-Homed Bandwidth
  • Linux or Windows Hosting Available
  • We Offer Free Statistical Program(s)
  • Nightly Server Back-ups
  • SSL Certificate Encryption
  • PCI Compliance
  • Did we mention - 99.98% uptime?

Server Information

Fully managed servers at SayItOnTheWeb includes 24/7 server monitoring, ongoing security patches and upgrades, data tuning for best performance, advanced technical support, and enhanced security features. By teaming with leading companies like AT&T, Microsoft, cPanel, Red Hat, InterNAP, Urchin, and many more, we are able to offer a solution that meets the needs of any organization. Servers are new, cutting-edge machines equipped with incredibly fast processors and RAM.

Cisco Certified Network

Our network is comprised of two Cisco 6509s with 10G uplinks running at the core. The 6509's are fully redundant and running iBGP and HSRP. If one fails, the other is able to take on the full load of the network. We have multiple gigE fiber optic (1000Mbit/s) connections from the world's leading telecommunication companies. With multiple GigE connections, this allows for the high bandwidth that is required for even the most bandwidth intensive programs needed to stay competitive in the ever-changing World Wide Web.

Prevention of Hijacking and Conflicts

We also utilize VLANS to prevent customer IP space hijacking and conflicts. By keeping our network as flat as possible-we minimize route convergence and latency in the backbone and speed the packets to the best provider through BGP4 on the core.

Major Backbone Providers

Our network is fully meshed and redundant with 6 major backbone providers. Our current network consists of a gigabit (1000mbit) to Abovenet, Allegiance, Aleron, Global Crossing, IBIS7, and Telia. By having providers with a larger burst capacity we're able to handle DoS attacks better than many of our competitors that have chosen many smaller pipes. This is because a DoS attack will many times concentrate itself on one inbound or outbound connection and can swamp it if it is only a 100 mbit or an oc3. We do not provision less than GIG circuits on the backbone any more. It also allows us plenty of room to fail back and forth from provider to provider without regards to where the traffic is going to prefer since any one of our links has far sufficient size to handle all of our traffic.

We actively monitor our routers for key factors including temperature, cpu and memory utilization and monitor our connections for transit latency and uptime. We are notified immediately in the event of a process going out of tolerance or an outage through our automated systems which allows us to respond quickly with corrective action.

Public and Private Peering

We also have public and private peering agreements with over 400 ISPs all over the world. We get our IP transit Global Crossing, Mzima, Internap and PCCW via multiple gigabit fiber uplinks to our core routers/switches. If all but 1 provider fails, there is no change to our network, as we can serve our full client base with one provider as we leave that much room on every connection. The core switches are connected to two separate distribution switches (2 Cisco 3560-E 10G switches). From the distribution switches, we connect to an edge switch, (Cisco 3500 series). Each cabinet is pre-wired and connected to our main distribution cabinet so it's plug and play.


Security to the building is 24/7 and you cannot get inside the elevator lobby without being on an Access List. If you do not have any form of identification, you will not be allowed to go into the elevator lobby. There are multiple cameras, which record all the entering, and exciting of the building. Security is tight. Once you pass through security, you will go up to the appropriate floor.

Outside our suite, we have a key card system as well as video monitoring. Everything is taped and recorded to a DVR. We record all points of entry to and from our suite as well as the Datacenter itself. Within our Datacenter, we have a NOC (Network Operations Center) and the doors to the Datacenter are locked via special key.

High Security Alarm System 24hr. On-Site Security Personnel 24hr. Video Surveillance Electronic Motion Sensors Fire Suppressant System Redundant Temperature Control UPS Backup Generators Standby Seismically-Braced Server Racks We invest in some of the best technology and equipment available. The result is a secure and reliable server environment.


Our clients range from Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies who require the highest quality network performance. Our clients include Time Magazine, Washington Post, CapitalOne, Tribune Interactive, Belo, IDG World Expo, USGA, NCAA, Expedia Corporate Travel, RE/MAX Royal and more.

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