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  • Outlook 2007 Instructions
    (Mar 19, 2018) Open Outlook 2007 on your computer, then follow these steps: From the Tools menu, select Account Settings. Select the New button, the Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP radio button, and then select Next. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button, then select Next. In the User Information section, enter your name    Read This Article >>

  • Iphone Email Set Up Instructions
    (Jan 10, 2017) Use these instructions for Iphone email set up: Go to Iphone Settings Tap Accounts & Passwords (sometimes this is called "Mail, Contacts, Calendars). Choose Add Account. Tap Other, then tap Add Mail Account. Enter your name, email address and description. The Incoming Mail    Read This Article >>

  • Android Device Email Set Up
    (Mar 30, 2016) Here is how to set up the default email application on Android Devices: Open your device's email application. Press Menu and tap Accounts. Press Menu again and tap Add account. Or, select Add New Account Button Type your Email address ( and Password , and click Manual Set Up.    Read This Article >>

  • Google's Mobile Requirements
    (Apr 17, 2015) Head's Up! Websites will now be required to have a mobile site as well to retain and improve their Google Rankings. It has to be set up according to Google's new standards. It is now a new part of your SEO    Read This Article >>

  • The Meta Tag Formula
    (May 02, 2014) Meta Tags remain important if you want the attention you deserve in your industry. The importance of meta tags can be found at: I am commonly asked (as a webmaster in Roanoke, Virginia): how do I create good Meta    Read This Article >>

  • Here are some frequently asked questions when working with SayItOnTheWeb, Inc.
    (Feb 26, 2014) Q. I see you do website design - is that all you do? A. SayItOnTheWeb offers complete branding services including website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing strategies, social account branding and set up, logo production, collateral material design (business    Read This Article >>

  • 22 Great Social Marketing To Do's
    (Nov 16, 2012) Contact SayItOnTheWeb Today To Start Your Social Marketing Campaign >> Visit for more information about how you can improve your customer base!

  • Fright Meter Awards By SayItOnTheWeb Webmasters
    (Sep 03, 2012) We are proud to have customers all across the United States. Fright Meter, of Texas, is a horror film review website with the ability for the public to submit votes and comments  for horror movie categories. With a full and complex administrative management area,    Read This Article >>

  • SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Seven Mile Ford
    (Aug 30, 2012) Roanoke's entertainment would not be complete without 7 Mile Ford. SayItOnTheWeb would like to shout out a big welcome to one of their newest customers and to show off their recent website revision: With search engine optimization, socialization and  complete,    Read This Article >>

  • What makes SayItOnTheWeb website hosting in Roanoke better than all the rest?
    (Aug 26, 2012) SayItOnTheWeb has been in business since 1996. There has been a vast learning process along the way to find the very best way to give our customers the very highest standards in hosting service as reliability and speed are detrimental to    Read This Article >>

  • SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Webb's Oil
    (Aug 26, 2012) We would like to highlight one of our newest customers, Webb's Oil of ROanoke, Virignia, and to thank them for their business. Their new web site can be seen at: A full administration area helps office staff easily keep    Read This Article >>

  • 10 Steps to Obtain Top Placement on Google
    (Aug 22, 2012) Ok. Google is the powerhouse that can drive the attention you need to your website and thus to your company. Your attention to Google can make or break your return on investment. Many webmasters are hired to develop a website,    Read This Article >>

  • The Valley Front Magazine News
    (Aug 01, 2012) David Stanfill, parent, Webmaster and CEO of SayItOnTheWeb, Inc. was included in the cover story of this month's issue of the Valley Business Front Magazine in Roanoke, Virginia. The title of the featured article is "Parentpreneurs".  View the article now >>    Read This Article >>

  • Inspirational Message From SayItOnTheWeb – Roanoke’s Favorite Webmasters
    (Jul 26, 2012) [caption id="attachment_114" align="alignleft" width="403" caption="Roanoke Valley Inspiration from SayItOnTheWeb, Inc"][/caption]

  • A SayItOnTheWeb Video Tutorial | Using Your Administration & Text Editors
    (Jul 25, 2012)   The task of editing your own web site may seem to be an uphill task for you at first. But, with a little experience you can save time and money by updating your web site yourself. This is the    Read This Article >>

  • A Big Salute goes out to The Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration
    (Jul 24, 2012)   Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration - A big salute goes out to you at for becoming one of our newest customers. We look forward to attending the events and invite you all to do the same. visit: today to learn more about    Read This Article >>

  • A SayItOnTheWeb Video Tutorial | How To Set Up Your Email Account In Outlook
    (Jul 24, 2012) If you are having issues with email, know that you can always check your email through WebMail. (The link at the bottom of your website pages.) For Android Users - Email Set Up Instructions are here > For Iphone Users    Read This Article >>

  • Inspirational Message From SayItOnTheWeb - Roanoke's Favorite Webmasters
    (Jun 26, 2012) [caption id="attachment_108" align="alignleft" width="403" caption="Sending You Inspiration From"][/caption]

  • Hosting Deals and Incredible Coupons
    (Jun 08, 2012)   Enjoy an incredible collection of Web Hosting Deals and Coupons that will allow you to save and save! Go to:

  • How the digital age is killing the traditional ad agency
    (May 28, 2012)   This next scenario is one that will relate to many business owners, and may anger others (you know who you are). So, you have a business or organization that needs the complete set up: a logo, business cards, brochures,    Read This Article >>

  • How's Your Unresponsive Webmaster Doing For Ya?
    (May 24, 2012)   The worst thing that can happen when you've hired a website design firm is that you can no longer get hold of them when you reach out for help or for upgrades to your website. As the second oldest    Read This Article >>

  • Welcome Salem Allergy!
    (May 15, 2012) A special thanks to Salem Allergy serving both the Salem/Roanoke areas and Lexington Virginia for hiring SayItOnTheWeb, Inc. to build their new website for them. Dr. Hoover is the greatest! Visit today to make your appointment.

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