The Meta Tag Formula

Meta Tags remain important if you want the attention you deserve in your industry or service area.

The importance of meta tags can be found Here.

I am commonly asked (as a webmaster in Roanoke, Virginia): how do I create good Meta Tags?" In short, here is the procedure and formula you will need to know.

First, go to Google Keyword Adwords Keyword Planner at: KeywordPlanner If you do not have an AdWords account, establish one for free.

Follow the prompts to get a download of all the keywords that Google states matters to the success of your business. These search terms must be located within your website text and Meta Tags as much as possible.

Then use the following formula to create them:

Meta Title:The most important Meta Tag is the Title. A maximum amount of 70 characters will display in the search results. This shows at the top of your pages and in the search results and in the bookmarks a person saves.

Meta Description: Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 155 characters. It is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters. (About 2 short sentences.)

Use real sentences – this is what will be seen in search results by people seraching. Place the most important keywords (or keywords phrases) at the beginning of the Title meta tag. Google WILL index more than what is shown.

Meta Keywords: Keywords died out in Google in 2009, but have now started using them again. The first 5 are the most important. All words should be all lower case separated by comas and no spaces after the comas. Add up to 20 keywords or phrases from your Google Keyword Data – “Google Keyword Planner”.

Example: web designer in roanoke,roanoke va web company,web development company in va,website designer roanoke va,web designer,web site programmer,etc

Ask yourself, what would you click on if you saw the title and description in Google and other search engines?

Here is one more tip - a big one - make SURE all Meta Tags are very different page to page. Make sure of this for the best results!

SayItOnTheWeb's content management systems allow for the inclusion of proper Meta Tags on every page of your web site -- and every page you produce on the fly in the future. If you need help - feel free to contact us!