SayItOnTheWeb, inc. If it can be done online... We do it! Mon, 19 Mar 2018 16:04:02 +0000 en hourly 1 Outlook 2007 Instructions Mon, 19 Mar 2018 15:44:49 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Open Outlook 2007 on your computer, then follow these steps:

  1. From the Tools menu, select Account Settings.
  2. Select the New button, the Microsoft ExchangePOP3IMAP, or HTTP radio button, and then select Next.
  3. Select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types radio button, then select Next.
  4. In the User Information section, enter your name and email address, then do the following:
    • Enter your Name as you want it to appear to others.
    • Enter your full email address,
  5. In the Server Information section, do the following:
    • For Account Type, select POP3.
    • For Incoming mail server, enter
    • For Outgoing mail (SMTP) server, enter
  6. In the Logon Information section, enter your User Name (your full email address), your Password, and then select the Remember password checkbox.

7. Select More Settings.On the Outgoing Server tab, select the following  checkboxes:
My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
Use same settings as my incoming mail server

8. On the Advanced tab, do the following:
Set Incoming server (POP 3) to port 995.
Select this checkbox: This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
Set Outgoing server (SMTP) to port 465.
For Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL.

9. Select OKNext, and then Finish.Your account is all set up.

10. Next, send your self an email to ensure that you can send and receive email properly.

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Iphone Email Set Up Instructions Tue, 10 Jan 2017 14:50:19 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Use these instructions for Iphone email set up:

To Enable Incoming Email SSL

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars and choose the desired email account.
  3. Tap Advanced.
  4. The Incoming server should be set to:
  5. From the Incoming Settings menu, slide Use SSL to ON.
  6. Tap Server Port and make the following change:

IMAP - 993
POP - 995

  1. Tap Save.

To Enable Outgoing Email SSL

  1. The SMTP (Outgoing) server should be set to:
  2. From the SMTP menu, tap the primary outgoing server for the account.
  3. Next to Use SSL, tap ON.
  4. Tap Server Port and change the port to 465.
  5. Tap Save.

You may need to restart your iPhone for the changes to take effect.

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Android Device Email Set Up Wed, 30 Mar 2016 16:18:36 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Here is how to set up the default email application on Android Devices:
  1. Open your device’s email application.
  2. Press Menu and tap Accounts. Press Menu again and tap Add account.
    Or, select Add New Account Button
  3. Type your Email address ( and Password , and click Manual Set Up.
  4. Select POP3 Account.
  5. Change your Username to your full email address.
  6. Use these settings for your incoming server:
    Incoming server
    POP3 server:
    Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
    Port: 995
  7. Delete Email From Server: When deleted from Inbox
  8. Use these settings for your Outgoing server:
    SMTP Server:
    Security Type: SSL (accept all certificates)
    Port 465
    Authentication required before sending emails should be checked.
    Username is your full email address.
    Re-enter your password.
  9. Click Sign In. Your new email address should be set up and ready to go.
    If you receive any error messages, simply cancel them, then try to send an email to yourself at your new email account. If you receive the email that you sent back, the email account is working correctly. If not, then re-examine your settings to make sure they match the above instructions exactly.

    * Please note, if you are using IMAP use the following secure settings:
    IMAP server:
    Security Type: TSL (accept all certs)
    Port: 143

    Security type: SSL (accept all certs)
    Port: 465 

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Google’s Mobile Requirements Fri, 17 Apr 2015 12:29:51 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Head’s Up! Websites will now be required to have a mobile site as well to retain and improve their Google Rankings. It has to be set up according to Google’s new standards. It is now a new part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).- so the sooner you can make your site mobile compliant, the better!

You can test your website here to see if it is mobile complaint:

If it is not mobile compliant, contact SayItOnTheWeb today for the quickest and most cost-effective solution available.

You can reach us today at (540)353-5241 to get your mobile site up and going quickly or contact us here!

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The Meta Tag Formula Fri, 02 May 2014 19:42:54 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Meta Tags remain important if you want the attention you deserve in your industry.
The importance of meta tags can be found at:

I am commonly asked (as a webmaster in Roanoke, Virginia): how do I create good Meta Tags?” In short, here is the procedure and formula you will need to know.

First, go to Google Keyword Adwords Keyword Planner at: If you do not have an AdWords account, establish one for free.

Follow the prompts to get a download of all the keywords that Google states matters to the success of your business. These search terms must be located within your website text and Meta Tags as much as possible.

Then use the following formula to create them:

Meta Title: The most important Meta Tag is the Title. A maximum amount of 70 characters will display in the search results. This shows at the top of your pages and in the search results and in the bookmarks a person saves.

Meta Description: Meta descriptions can be any length, but search engines generally truncate snippets longer than 155 characters. It is best to keep meta descriptions between 150 and 160 characters. (About 2 short sentences.)

Use real sentences – this is what will be seen in search results by people seraching. Place the most important keywords (or keywords phrases) at the beginning of the Title meta tag. Google WILL index more than what is shown.

Meta Keywords: Keywords died out in Google in 2009, but have now started using them again. The first 5 are the most important. All words should be all lower case separated by comas and no spaces after the comas. Add up to 20 keywords or phrases from your Google Keyword Data – “Google Keyword Planner”.

Example: web designer in roanoke,roanoke va web company,web development company in va,website designer roanoke va,web designer,web site programmer,etc

Ask yourself, what would you click on if you saw the title and description in Google and other search engines?

Here is one more tip – a big one – make SURE all Meta Tags are very different page to page. Make sure of this for the best results!

SayItOnTheWeb’s content management systems allow for the inclusion of proper Meta Tags on every page of your web site — and every page you produce on the fly in the future. If you need help – feel free to contact us!

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Here are some frequently asked questions when working with SayItOnTheWeb, Inc. Wed, 26 Feb 2014 13:27:28 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Q. I see you do website design – is that all you do?
A. SayItOnTheWeb offers complete branding services including website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing strategies, social account branding and set up, logo production, collateral material design (business cards, letterhead, brochures etc.) and more. We will take your ideas and make them incredible!

Q. What is your hourly rate?
A. SayItOnTheWeb’s rate is $70 per hour for all services.

Q. What kind of hosting solutions do you offer?
A. SayItOnTheWeb offers premium hosting with unlimited email address accounts. Our hosting is unmatched – and is directly set on the internet backbone. We do not pile you on a server with tons of other websites (example: GoDaddy). This means a faster website no matter how large your site is. We also have new hosting computers (servers) with all the latest software and technology. We estimate that our servers are 4 times faster than general GoDaddy servers at this time. You can find out more about the hosting we perform at:

Q. How long does it take to get my website up and running?
A. Generally SayItOnTheWeb can get your web site ready in 2 – 3 weeks. For more intense programming requirements, it could take 4 – 6 weeks. We will give you an estimated time frame within our quote so that you know what to expect.

Q. I do not want to pay someone to change every word and photo on my site. What solutions do you offer for self-updating?
A. All websites we produce have a private administration area where you can easily manage the text and image within your website.

Q. I have contacted other web designing companies, why is your quote so low compared to them?
A. Because of the reduced overhead, we are able to offer lower prices for the same services.

Q. How can SayItOnTheWeb make my website social?
A. When SayItOnTheWeb designs your site, we automatically place Social Sharing Icons at the top of your web site (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Google+, Pinterest etc.)  At the bottom of your site, we will place any Social Links that you have such as a Facebook and Google+ link if you have these set up for yourself or your company. Visit our website for more information.

Q. How does SayItOnTheWeb make me show up in the search engines?
A. We perform the tasks to optimize your website to be Search Engine savvy by using Google data. We even place tools in the administration area to allow you to control the information Google and Bing etc.  need to properly include your website in the correct areas for the keywords and phrases you need to be found when a person searches for your information.

We also verify your website with Bing and Google, and use Google and Bing Places for business to make sure that you appear when a person is searching for your service or industry type.

There are many other internet exposure avenues – but we will lead you through the correct, effective first steps – then branch out to other recommended steps once the basics are completed. Visit our website for more information.

Q. Can SayItOnTheWeb produce a mobile version of my website?
A. Absolutely – we do this everyday for many customers. It is not hard for us to do this if we have designed and programmed your web site… so the cost is low and the results are astounding!

Q. What are SayItOnTheWeb’s hours?
We have 8 programmers and designers that work around the clock 6 days a week. Results and Alterations are fast and efficient.

Q. What if I need to expand my website in the future?
A. A website is a living, changing medium. We can expand your web site in any direction you wish.

Q. Do you offer eCommerce
A. Oh Yes! We have many eCommerce customers just look at our portfolio: We have many different solutions to offer depending on your needs. From one product to 100,000 products – we can handle it!

Q. Where can I find out more?
A. Just visit: 

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22 Great Social Marketing To Do’s Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:35:07 +0000 The Webmaster
Contact SayItOnTheWeb Today To Start Your Social Marketing Campaign >>
Visit for more information about how you can improve your customer base!

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Fright Meter Awards By SayItOnTheWeb Webmasters Mon, 03 Sep 2012 14:50:18 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> We are proud to have customers all across the United States. Fright Meter, of Texas, is a horror film review website with the ability for the public to submit votes and comments  for horror movie categories.

With a full and complex administrative management area, the staff at Fright Meter can manage and add content at will.

Thanks to Fright Meter for allowing us to server you. Your web site at: turned out amazing thanks to your input and solid direction.

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SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Seven Mile Ford Thu, 30 Aug 2012 22:09:08 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Roanoke’s entertainment would not be complete without 7 Mile Ford. SayItOnTheWeb would like to shout out a big welcome to one of their newest customers and to show off their recent website revision:

With search engine optimization, socialization and  complete, customized content management programming behind the scenes, the band members can control everything from the text and images on the pages, to their photo gallery, uploading MP3 demos and videos, and updating their performance schedule. We not only revamped the way they project to the public, we upgraded their efficiency!

Way to go 7 Mile Ford! See you on stage!

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What makes SayItOnTheWeb website hosting in Roanoke better than all the rest? Sun, 26 Aug 2012 18:14:09 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> SayItOnTheWeb has been in business since 1996. There has been a vast learning process along the way to find the very best way to give our customers the very highest standards in hosting service as reliability and speed are detrimental to having a web site. The following describes in detail what kind of hosting we now offer to all of our clients:



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SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Webb’s Oil Sun, 26 Aug 2012 17:54:59 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> We would like to highlight one of our newest customers, Webb’s Oil of ROanoke, Virignia, and to thank them for their business. Their new web site can be seen at:

A full administration area helps office staff easily keep the website current and up to date. High speed, multi-homed bandwidth helps to server their pages at lightning speed!

Thank you, Webb’s Oil, for working with us!

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10 Steps to Obtain Top Placement on Google Thu, 23 Aug 2012 02:28:59 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> Ok. Google is the powerhouse that can drive the attention you need to your website and thus to your company. Your attention to Google can make or break your return on investment. Many webmasters are hired to develop a website, but few go the extra mile to enhance how you can appear in search results from Google and other search engines.

Here are some logical, cost effective steps you will need to consider when looking for ways into Google search results:

1) Have your webmaster fully complete your Meta Tag information for each web site page. This is imperative if you want any traffic at all.

2) Have your webmaster create and upload a sitemap.xml file into the root of your web site. There are tools for this located at:
You will also need your webmaster to create a logical robot.txt file and upload it to the root of your website. A resource for this can be found at:

You will need both of these files for the next steps (if you do them by youself), so ask your web firm to email you these files if you proceed to number 3 below yourself.

3) Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account at: and submit your sitemap. Fill in all data.

4) Go to Google Places and set your location:
Follow through and make sure to Verify your business address with Google.

5) Sign Up For Adwords Express and place the main keywords that will drive the proper business to your door. You will need a budget for this Google service. Google data will help you determine what monthly budget and keywords to use right from this utility (They show you the data.)

6) Make sure you socialize your site. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN, and Twitter should be at the front-line of your social media progress. Google gives BIG weight to your web site being included in these social networks. Always have these 4 Sharing Icons on your web site if not more (like Pintrest). This way visitors can share your web pages and increase the traffic and popularity of your web site. Also, place icons on your web site that will allow visitors to go directly into any of your social atmospheres.

This does not necessarily mean that you will need accounts in each of these social areas (although we recommend that you do); it simply means that people have a way to share your web site pages with the world, which is the goal!

7) Your webmaster needs to install a WordPress Blog onto your web site. Establishing articles in your blog (no matter if it is a quick sentence, photo, full news article or announcement – every post in WordPress is worth it’s weight in gold as far as Google and other search engines are concerned.

8) Share your website links with others. Exchanging links can be tedious, but the popularity of your website is affected in a very positive way. When the opportunity arrises, always ask if you can exchange links. There is one company I have tried to “spread my link” and have found that it works wonderfully:

9) Create a company video… no matter how short it may be, videos posted to YouTube, Google, Facebook and other sites will allow your video and website link to be thrust into the eyes of people… and it’s free.

10) Finally, sign up for a Bing Webmaster Tool account and fill in all the data for your business. You can use the same data you used for Google. Having links here is a major factor for all search engines.

Yes, there is very much more you can do to get the traffic you deserve, but these 10 solid steps should be the very first in your attack to online success for your business.

If you would like a consultation to review your website, please contact us at or talk to a real person at: (540) 353-5241.

We are here to help!

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The Valley Front Magazine News Wed, 01 Aug 2012 13:05:19 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]> David Stanfill, parent, Webmaster and CEO of SayItOnTheWeb, Inc. was included in the cover story of this month’s issue of the Valley Business Front Magazine in Roanoke, Virginia. The title of the featured article is “Parentpreneurs”.  View the article now >>


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Inspirational Message From SayItOnTheWeb – Roanoke’s Favorite Webmasters Thu, 26 Jul 2012 18:45:12 +0000 The Webmaster

Roanoke Valley Inspiration from SayItOnTheWeb, Inc

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A SayItOnTheWeb Video Tutorial | Using Your Administration & Text Editors Wed, 25 Jul 2012 18:57:34 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]>  

The task of editing your own web site may seem to be an uphill task for you at first. But, with a little experience you can save time and money by updating your web site yourself. This is the most efficient way to keep your web site perfect and up to date.

The following short video will help you feel more comfortable with the Administration area used to manipulate and update your website designed and programmed by SayItOnTheWeb – Roanoke’s Favorite Webmasters!

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A Big Salute goes out to The Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration Wed, 25 Jul 2012 00:34:32 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]>  

Blue Ridge Veterans Celebration – A big salute goes out to you at for becoming one of our newest customers. We look forward to attending the events and invite you all to do the same. visit: today to learn more about this beneficial Roanoke-Salem event.

Roanoke’s Favorite Webmasters

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A SayItOnTheWeb Video Tutorial | How To Set Up Your Email Account In Outlook Tue, 24 Jul 2012 20:00:23 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]>

If you are having issues with email, know that you can always check your email through WebMail. (The link at the bottom of your website pages.)

For Android Users – Email Set Up Instructions are here >

For Iphone Users – Email Set Up Instructions are here >

For Outlook 2007 Outlook Users, Go here >

Please use these instructions to set up your email account in Outlook or other email program:

When you begin Outlook, you can go under “File”.  Find the Account Set Up Link.

Here are the major items to set up your account:
1) Your ENTIRE email address is your email’s ”User Name”.
2) You should know your password. If you do not, please contact us: CLICK HERE
3) Incoming mail server (POP) should be:
Port: 995
Security Type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)
4) Here are the other things to modify in your Outlook account under “More Settings – Outgoing Server”:
SMTP Server:
Security Type: SSL (accept all certificates)
Port 465
Authentication required before sending emails should be checked.
Username is your full email addressRe-enter your password.
Click OK to close the “Internet E-mail Settings” window. The “Add New Account” window will still be visible.
Test the settings.

Click Next. Outlook should tell you that “all tests completed successfully”. If Outlook tells you a test failed, double-check to be sure you’ve entered the settings correctly. 



* Please note, if you are using IMAP use the following secure settings:

IMAP server:
Security Type: TSL (accept all certs)
Port: 143

Security type: SSL (accept all certs)
Port: 465

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Inspirational Message From SayItOnTheWeb – Roanoke’s Favorite Webmasters Tue, 26 Jun 2012 18:40:58 +0000 The Webmaster

Sending You Inspiration From

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Hosting Deals and Incredible Coupons Sat, 09 Jun 2012 02:16:30 +0000 The Webmaster  

Enjoy an incredible collection of Web Hosting Deals and Coupons that will allow you to save and save! Go to:

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How the digital age is killing the traditional ad agency Mon, 28 May 2012 21:24:51 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]>  

This next scenario is one that will relate to many business owners, and may anger others (you know who you are).

So, you have a business or organization that needs the complete set up: a logo, business cards, brochures, website, signs and letterhead. You know of several advertising agencies and you start calling around to set up several appointments to obtain quotes for the work needed to produce the professional look that will lift your company into orbit.

You go to their offices and are showed to their impresive conference room, offered coffee or tea. You sit for a while and stare at all of the decore, listening to the radio play something familiar - thinking that all those logos and images on the wall are logos and very successful jobs they’ve done before. You notice that they’ve spared no expense on the conference room table and everything looks simply incredible.

After 4 – 5 minutes, three or more very professionally dressed people enter the room and they smile as they discuss what they can do for you. Prices are not discussed openly as a proposal needs to be created to detail the scope of the job, and what they recomend you do for your business or venture.

Then the shock and dizziness hit you square in the face as all three quotes come back well above $12K and one is even above $20K!! You try to reason with yourself, knowing that you want quality work, and know that these guys are professionals. At least they seemed professional. In the back of your mind, you are doing the mathmatical negotiations to figure out what is going to be short-changed so that you can afford one of their branding packages. Business Owners – does this scene sound familiar to you at all?

How does it feel when I tell you that it really costs much less for a branding package?
How does it feel when I tell you that you have been sold for an exorbitant amount to cover all of the expenses in the development of these items you need for your success?

How have you been cheated?

Well, someone had to pay for the Ad Agencie’s rent or mortgage this month. Someone had to pay for the incredible conference room. And don’t forget that incredible conference room table – that cost a pretty penny. The receptionist, the art on the walls, and the free delicious coffee they gave you… who pays for that? Oh, and don’t forget the property maintenance man and cleaners that clean the establishment needed their cut too.

You have been over-quoted because of one thing. Large Overhead.

Traditional Ad Agencies are still stuck in their ways with so much overhead that their design job quotes are over inflated to cover thier own expenses to be able to have such an impressive establishment with all the trimmings. This is how it has been for almost 200 years. You go there, you are impressed, you hear their jovial pitch, then left waitin for the anvil to fall on you when you get the price tag.

But, as you may have noticed, there is a fast change occurring in this digitally-connected age that is sweeping over the traditional ad agency and squashing the fluff out of the impressive sell and the big price tag. Yes, I am saying that you can get  more bang for the buck if you know where to look.

Many graphic design professionals and webmasters along with programmers are networking together from their home studios and offices to produce the same professional level of work you would expect from ”the big boys”. Ad agencies and those who have worked for agencies are moving away from this centuries-old trend to remove the overhead costs to provide more value to their customers, and to acquire more customers.

How do they give you more value? First of all, they roll up their sleeves, and come to your place of work or office to get more of a personal feel for the business. They take the time to discuss your business with you in the actual business environment. Instead, they bring you Starbucks. Instead, they sit down at your table and learn. Why would they need an impressive office when they are working on your branding? Don’t they need to know your business more to produce the real results you need?

Secondly, with internet professionals, programmers and designers working digitally with each other with such flexible ease today, you only need to cover their hourly expenses. You do not need your money to pay for the companies CEO, VP of marketing, receptionist, junior executive account manager, lawyer, maintenance man, cleaning lady, the ad placement staff, or coffee. All of these are drawing income off the sale of your account. This is why they have to pad the price.

Take my advice – you can get much, much more for your money. Believe me – I have worked in an advertising agency before. You are being robbed!

My development firm was started at home in 1996 with the internet boom. I have the same and even more education and experience that many of the other ad agency owners have – but elected to use the digital age to my customer’s advantage. Customers that receive a quote from my firm are not only relieved, but feel like a great deal has just hit them in the face. Our prices for branding development are so low that traditional ad agencies even hire me to do their work!

Over the years, I have collected a tried and true network of support for anything I need to have produced for a client. From genious graphic artists to talented programmers to business consultants to website designers to application developers to ad placement professionals to sign developers… all who work out of their home office or studio as well.

Why do we get more customers? Our secret is that each of the people in my network have their own business. This means that not only is my company thriving because of these other low-overhead professionals, but their company is thriving as well. Because we are all networked and know the strengths of each other, a win for their business is a win for mine. If they get a client, I will be helping them with their project. If I get a client, they will be helping me with the production. I hate to quote Charlie Sheen when I say “Winning!”, but it is the simple truth. This formula equals the influx of many clients, incredible stability and growth in our careers.

This knowledge means that you can skip the large overhead and the inflated prices of the traditional ad agency and go directly to the source, and to pay only for what you need – not the additional fluff that leaves you flipping out over the bill for the traditional ad agency and all the added expense it comes with. This means that nothing has to be short-changed in the development of your own business.

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How’s Your Unresponsive Webmaster Doing For Ya? Thu, 24 May 2012 09:54:05 +0000 The Webmaster Continue reading ]]>  

The worst thing that can happen when you’ve hired a website design firm is that you can no longer get hold of them when you reach out for help or for upgrades to your website.

Our "mascot" is a sunflower... As the second oldest website development firm in Roanoke, Virginia, my web development company, SayItOnTheWeb, Inc., loves to hear that a local webmaster is unreachable. This allows us to quickly “swoop in” and save the day leaving the customer in responsive, capable hands while adding to our bottom line. We obtain approximately 3 customers a week simply by answering the phone or email quickly and establishing a caring conversation geared toward their needs. When we ask our customers and potential customers why they contacted us, the most common answers have to do with our motto… “talk to a real person!”

How is a business, venture or association supposed to survive without the direct assistance from their web firm? How is a development firm supposed to survive without manners and positive customer service?

These days with the need to socialize your web site, and to establish a social presence, add and adjust content management and SEO aspects of your pages, provide meaningful statistics, and build on what you have to reduce man power and stay ahead of your competition – how are you to get anything moving when you cannot rouse your webmaster to return a simple call or email?

Is it time for a change? If your webmasters are dodging you, it is time to upgrade to a new web site development firm because at the current rate, you are investing precious time to obtain 0% of your needs. How efficient is that? All work is invested in trying to contact your tech guy and the payoff is only frustration and stagnancy.

There are many reputable firms holding out their hand for you – ones that will welcome and appreciate your business and give you the attention you and your goals deserve! If you’ve been waiting for a week now for a response, it is time to move to a firm that will be more in line with your needs?

Want to talk to a real person about your company branding and Internet presence? Call us! We’d like to speak with you as well!

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Welcome Salem Allergy! Tue, 15 May 2012 23:53:53 +0000 The Webmaster A special thanks to Salem Allergy serving both the Salem/Roanoke areas and Lexington Virginia for hiring SayItOnTheWeb, Inc. to build their new website for them. Dr. Hoover is the greatest! Visit today to make your appointment.

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