SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Seven Mile Ford

Roanoke’s entertainment would not be complete without 7 Mile Ford. SayItOnTheWeb would like to shout out a big welcome to one of their newest customers and to show off their recent website revision:

With search engine optimization, socialization and  complete, customized content management programming behind the scenes, the band members can control everything from the text and images on the pages, to their photo gallery, uploading MP3 demos and videos, and updating their performance schedule. We not only revamped the way they project to the public, we upgraded their efficiency!

Way to go 7 Mile Ford! See you on stage!

What makes SayItOnTheWeb website hosting in Roanoke better than all the rest?

SayItOnTheWeb has been in business since 1996. There has been a vast learning process along the way to find the very best way to give our customers the very highest standards in hosting service as reliability and speed are detrimental to having a web site. The following describes in detail what kind of hosting we now offer to all of our clients:



SayItOnTheWeb Welcomes Webb’s Oil

We would like to highlight one of our newest customers, Webb’s Oil of ROanoke, Virignia, and to thank them for their business. Their new web site can be seen at:

A full administration area helps office staff easily keep the website current and up to date. High speed, multi-homed bandwidth helps to server their pages at lightning speed!

Thank you, Webb’s Oil, for working with us!

10 Steps to Obtain Top Placement on Google

Ok. Google is the powerhouse that can drive the attention you need to your website and thus to your company. Your attention to Google can make or break your return on investment. Many webmasters are hired to develop a website, but few go the extra mile to enhance how you can appear in search results from Google and other search engines.

Here are some logical, cost effective steps you will need to consider when looking for ways into Google search results:

1) Have your webmaster fully complete your Meta Tag information for each web site page. This is imperative if you want any traffic at all.

2) Have your webmaster create and upload a sitemap.xml file into the root of your web site. There are tools for this located at:
You will also need your webmaster to create a logical robot.txt file and upload it to the root of your website. A resource for this can be found at:

You will need both of these files for the next steps (if you do them by youself), so ask your web firm to email you these files if you proceed to number 3 below yourself.

3) Sign up for a Google Webmaster Tools account at: and submit your sitemap. Fill in all data.

4) Go to Google Places and set your location:
Follow through and make sure to Verify your business address with Google.

5) Sign Up For Adwords Express and place the main keywords that will drive the proper business to your door. You will need a budget for this Google service. Google data will help you determine what monthly budget and keywords to use right from this utility (They show you the data.)

6) Make sure you socialize your site. Facebook, Google+, LinkedIN, and Twitter should be at the front-line of your social media progress. Google gives BIG weight to your web site being included in these social networks. Always have these 4 Sharing Icons on your web site if not more (like Pintrest). This way visitors can share your web pages and increase the traffic and popularity of your web site. Also, place icons on your web site that will allow visitors to go directly into any of your social atmospheres.

This does not necessarily mean that you will need accounts in each of these social areas (although we recommend that you do); it simply means that people have a way to share your web site pages with the world, which is the goal!

7) Your webmaster needs to install a WordPress Blog onto your web site. Establishing articles in your blog (no matter if it is a quick sentence, photo, full news article or announcement – every post in WordPress is worth it’s weight in gold as far as Google and other search engines are concerned.

8) Share your website links with others. Exchanging links can be tedious, but the popularity of your website is affected in a very positive way. When the opportunity arrises, always ask if you can exchange links. There is one company I have tried to “spread my link” and have found that it works wonderfully:

9) Create a company video… no matter how short it may be, videos posted to YouTube, Google, Facebook and other sites will allow your video and website link to be thrust into the eyes of people… and it’s free.

10) Finally, sign up for a Bing Webmaster Tool account and fill in all the data for your business. You can use the same data you used for Google. Having links here is a major factor for all search engines.

Yes, there is very much more you can do to get the traffic you deserve, but these 10 solid steps should be the very first in your attack to online success for your business.

If you would like a consultation to review your website, please contact us at or talk to a real person at: (540) 353-5241.

We are here to help!